Screening process: Editors will evaluate the submitted papers on prequalification review for suitability of further review process. A manuscript could be rejected without review process, due to four general reasons:
  1. The manuscript does not pass the plagiarism check.
  2. The topic of manuscript does not fit in the Jurnal Agriment scope and may be better suited for publication elsewhere.
  3. The substance of the manuscripts does not meet Jurnal Agriment standards; the data may be incomplete; the methodology used is not appropriate; lack of novelties and no advancement of the existing knowledge; or there are no consistency among objectives, research design/method, evidence, and conclusion.
  4. The manuscripts are not written following Jurnal Agriment guidelines mentioned in Instruction to Authors.

Peer-review: The manuscript will be double blind review by reviewers. Some corrections/suggestions from reviewers for each manuscript will be sent to the author.

Revision stage: Author will revise manuscript to the Chief Editor via OJS of Jurnal Agriment within 3 months since notice/email from the Chief Editor in accepted. Manuscripts that exceed the revision deadline will be withdrawn.

Final Decision: The author as the contact person will be notified of the final decision of the editors. Final decision for accepted the manuscript depend on the result of the revision and reviewer recommendations.