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The effect of organic fertilizer banana rind to growth and yield of pakcoy aimed to know the effect of organic
fertilizer banana rind the best to growth and yield of pakcoy.Experiment were hold in Sangatta, East Kutai on May
- August 2016 period.The experiments was conducted in non factorial experiments on Completely Randominazed
Design (CRD) with fve replications. The factor is D0 = no application D1= 4 ml/plant/aplication, D2 = 6
ml/plant/aplication, D3= 8 ml/plant/aplication, D4 = 10 ml/plant/aplication. The result wasD3treatment the best result
of long plant 21, 28 days after planting, andyieldare 17,08 cm, 21,16 cm and 7,20 gram.


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Farida and Daryono (2017) “PENGARUH DOSIS POC LIMBAH KULIT PISANG TERHADAP PERTUMBUHAN DAN HASIL TANAMAN PAKCOY (Brassica rapa L) The Effect Of Organic Fertilizer Banana Rind To Growth And Yield Of Pakcoy (Brassica rapa L)”, JURNAL AGRIMENT, 2(2), pp. 67-73. Available at: (Accessed: 28November2021).