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Plant growth is known as increasing volume of the diameter and height of the plant stem. Overburden
material after coal mining has conditions where the soil structure is damaged, rock fragmentation is
mixed and there is no layer of organic matter. The research objective is to determine the suitability of
plant growth in several growing media. The research method is done by planting test in a nursery with
plant growth media consisting of top soil material as a control, a mixing of overburden material with
foliar fertilizer from sengon buto plants, and overburden growing media, the three media were
compared. Results of significance were less than 0.05. The growth medium affects the growth of
sengon buto (Enterolobium cyclocarpum Griseb) seedlings.

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Sukariyan, S., Marjenah, M., Kustaiwan, W., Hartati, W. and Widosari, G. (2021) “PERTUMBUHAN TANAMAN SENGON BUTO (Enterolobium cyclocrpum Griseb) FASE TINGKATAN SEMAI DENGAN MEDIA OVERBURDEN”, JURNAL AGRIMENT, 6(1), pp. 58-63. doi: 10.51967/jurnalagriment.v6i1.495.