• Akhmad Farid Universitas Trunojoyo Madura


Riparian floodplain is an area which serves to provide the possibility of overflow flooding the right side to the left so that the river water downstream speed can be reduced, energy can be muted water along the river, as well as bank erosion and erosion elementary streams can be reduced simultaneously. Brantas River across 14 districts / municipalities of 38 districts / towns in East Java. Brantas River is a vital river. Hence the need for a concerted effort to save the Brantas River for our future as well. To achieve the above it the need for a review of policies, strategies and efforts that have been there, cross-sectoral and involve all stakeholders in the battle to save the Brantas.Penelitian done with descriptive method through literature searches related issues Brantas River Border , The main problem is the high intensity of land use area around the border river Brantas that alter the primary function of riparian zones as a water catchment area (Catchment area) apparently changed into the area awakened, which in addition to reducing the water catchment areas that these activities also potentially increase pollution and utilization are excessive Brantas.Ada river three river rehabilitation activities that can be done by involving community participation. First, the arrangement and the utilization of river border region by introducing various types of plants suitable and has economic value. Second, land conservation berasas silvicultural techniques appropriate to its allocation recommendations. Third, the preservation of river border region through the establishment of agreements and institutional strengthening communities as supporters. In the future need to think about the possibility of the establishment of riparian as a nature reserve area of ​​the river, so the river disasters due to environmental damage can be minimized. As one source of water, the river has been holding a very important function for the life and livelihood of the people.

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